Our Game Truck

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Limousine Style Interior
Our Game Theater has a luxurious interior with comfortable Stadium-Style Seating.

Climate Controlled Environment
Regardless of the weather outside, the temperature inside will provide year round comfort! The Roll-N-Play Game Truck is fully air conditioned for those hot summer days and heated for chilly days in winter.

Six Huge 3D High Definition TV Screens
We have four screens inside our unit and two outside so players can enjoy dancing and sports games like Just Dance 4 and Wii Sports Resort.

Latest Games Systems
We have the best game consoles and plenty of wireless controllers for all players!

Our Game Truck Supports 16 Players at once!
For a full blown multi-player experience, our game theater has 4 gaming stations on the inside that support up to 16 players.  In addition, when weather permits, there are 2 more gaming stations on the outside that offer room for dance and interactive sports games!

HUGE Game Library
We have over 200 of the hottest games!  With the most popular video games, and more on their way, your guests will have no problem finding the latest and best games to keep them entertained!

Fully Self Powered
Our Game Truck has its own generator. There’s no need to plug in to electricity at your house.  This allows us to travel set up on the street, in your driveway, at schools, parks…almost anywhere!